Happy Father’s Day.

Though he can’t tell you, Jackson loves you oh so very much.


You are so patient and calm with him, yet you can be the biggest goof ball when he’s ready to play and rough-house. You push him to achieve more each day by testing his limitations and find joy in all the little things that he accomplishes. When he brings you into his world whether by taking your hand to lead you somewhere or by pointing to something that he wants to share with you, you are overcome with emotion. I love the way Jackson lights up when you come home and walk though the door, he is so excited his best friend is home at last. We are your biggest fans. Thank you for being so amazing! Love you to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond.



“Exploring” aka Wandering

We finally have Jackson registered with the Project Lifesaver program. Our state only has one county that participates in this and we are proud to say it is ours. It’s a device that Jackson wears around his wrist so it appears to look like  a watch. It’s waterproof, dirt-proof, food-proof, sunscreen-proof, basically it’s kid-proof. It emphasizes on the relationship between specially trained law enforcement personnel and the individuals that may wander before the need for a rescue may arise. An officer will come out every 60 days to replace the battery and build a relationship with Jackson and us. It works as a low-jack/pager system which is a lot more reliable than GPS.  It is registered to only him so if he (which we pray NEVER) goes missing, a 911 call will give local law enforcement the ability to track him immediately.

We are so very lucky to be able to take advantage of this program and luckier that a local grant provides the funding for this project, as we were already looking for a tracking device and were willing to pay a monthly service fee to have it. It’s a coincidence though that our neighbor and local sheriff is the one that advocated to have it within our county. Our main reason for looking into getting a tracking device for Jackson was due to his new school not having a fenced-in playground. As  he has gotten older, he has developed a tendency to “explore” more & more and we wanted an extra precaution in place should he ever get away from watching eyes.

It’s really quite scary if I let the whole notion overtake me, which I have a tendency to do sometimes. Maybe it’s the reason I tend to hover a little more closely to my child than some parents. The simple reason is should Jackson get out of my sight for even a second and I call his name, it is 99.9 % a fact that he won’t come back. He’s “exploring” and if I don’t get to him quick enough he’ll be gone. It happened just last weekend. He was laying at the end of his slide in our fenced in yard and I was pulling weeds not more than 4 feet from him. I looked back around and he was gone. I never even heard him move, the kid is stealthy. My heart jumped to my throat for the few seconds it took me to find him at the side gate around the house, trying to figure his way out. Lesson learned!

Therefore, I’m still very nervous about him attending this particular school but the staff has assured me that he will be looked after. However, that doesn’t mean this mama bear won’t be reiterating her thoughts to school staff before the school year starts or that she won’t be the new PTO member advocating that this year’s school  fundraiser be for installing a playground fence…cause WTF! Why don’t they have one already, I mean seriously, it’s a school?!?!

**If you or anyone you know wants more information on Project Lifesaver, please email me at halicia.allen@gmail.com.