Thank gosh August is over.

August is just a few hours from being over. We have experienced so any changes this month, kind-of overwhelming but Jackson has done Amazing! with them all (and hubby and I haven’t done so bad either).

We said goodbye to seeing our speech pathologists weekly, goodbye to our favorite daycare teacher as she goes off to pursue college (blessed that she’s keeping in touch though and has already volunteered to babysit when she’s home) and we said a final goodbye to all the staff at our wonderful daycare center. Many tears have been shed, all of which have been mine.

We started ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy and I say we because all 3 of us are involved in the therapy each and every day (3 hours in fact). But we are so looking forward to this pursuit, as we hope & feel this will help Jackson thrive even more. Jackson started attending school full-time as a Kindergartener and has really been doing an outstanding job. He loves getting on the school bus each day and I love how the teachers communicate so well with us, through notebooks, phone calls and emails. Excited for his next IEP (Individual Education Program) in a couple of months to update his plan with new goals & strategies. He has learned so much already, can’t wait to see how much more he grows and improves.

What’s new?

Jackson tried, after watching his Dad, and fairly succeeded at drinking from a bottle. This is HUGE as he wanted to do it without any prodding from either of us. We started teaching him how to independently use his tooth brush, through he prefers to suck the toothpaste off instead. He has realized that the vacuum cleaner isn’t a little-kid-eating-machine and will stand to watch it instead of screaming & running away to just come back to do that again and again and again.

He has a current obsession with Disney Cars, loves everything & anything to do with it. He, I think, appreciates Mom’s school breakfast of pop-tarts and chocolate milk (breakfast of champions). He’s finally come back to his books, looking at them for long periods of time which… I love since it’s once again time for Scholastic books orders!!! (Remind self to get that order in tonight. I do have an unhealthy addiction to all things related to books…ask the hubby.) He has started eating food at school that he never tries with us at home and still won’t. But it’s a start, he’s finally a true American and eating pizza. We are working on labeling body parts and Jackson’s name, how to spell & write. Best of all Jackson has once again started vocalizing with us. Pointing or grabbing our hand to use to point at things he wants us to recognize and/or share with him. Along with improving his eye contact to watch how we are saying things which he then tries to mimic.

FullSizeRenderA big change has been Jackson’s sleep schedule. Going to school full time now equals absolutely no naps. He is tired when he comes home and especially after another few hours of therapy. We’re hoping that it will just take time before he is use to his new schedule, as long as he can settle down once he is in bed rather than fussing and sleep in rather than getting up before light has touched the sky. Here’s hoping.

Jackson has learned that the red circles aka red bulls-eye equal Target. So whether we are actually going there are not, when we pass he points to it and gets excited (apparently this is proof that I shop there too much) but not as excited as he gets when he sees the golden arches. He values them as they provide tasty cheeseburgers and french fries. Such a smart kid! I love his smiles when we treat him to this. However, don’t offer a fry in the car, no, we wait till we are home to eat. He’s so proper.

The only downside has been for Oliver, our pup. Due to Jackson becoming accurate with eating, there have been a lot less crumbs reaching the floor. Oliver acts as if he is starving now, as he has started following Jackson around at his heels hoping for any morsels to come his way.

Hopefully we are done with all major changes as we can’t take any more, but we are looking forward to what successes will come this year. However small or large, a success is a win for Jackson and for us!

On to September & Fall, the best time of the year!






Thank You.

Tomorrow is out last speech session EVER with RiteCare and our speech pathologist Leslie.

Plan and simple, I am sad.

She and her supervisor Paul have worked so hard for us the past two and a half years. I am at a loss of what we will do without them.

Leslie has helped us progress with Jackson so much and has really laid the ground work for all the future success we hope to have with ABA therapy this fall.

She has always greeted us with a smile and a hi to Jackson, waiting patiently for a response that usually comes slowly but surely.

She has taught Lance and I therapy techniques that we have been able to incorporate at home with every day routines and interactions with Jackson.

She has explained to us that Pentatonix is a very popular group; see Sesame Street: Pentatonix Counts (& Sings) to Five, that she has a crush on Michael Buble; see Sesame Street Believe in Yourself Song and that she secretly listens to all the Sesame Street songs we use for Jackson’s therapy quietly in her office throughout the day.

FullSizeRender (9)She has shown so much acceptance and patience with Jackson that my words to explain how grateful I am are not enough.

Above all, she has given us hope and confidence. Hope in what Jackson is able to succeed at and confidence that we are good parents, working the best way we can for him.

I will miss seeing her each week cause even though our focus is always on Jackson, I have truly come to think of her as a friend.

Thank you to the Scottish Rite for giving us the opportunity to receive services through the RiteCare Clinics. Leslie and Paul have given us much.

Love Always,

Hali & Lance