My Favorite Black Friday Deals

aka as an autism mom, what I’m most thankful for.

  1. my husband, for all that he does for me and our son with so much dedication, love and little to no complaint.
  2. my Jackson. I love the little man. How he keeps me on my toes. Loves to snuggle first thing in the morning, stalling. Has taught me patience that I never knew I could have. I love him more than I ever thought was humanly possible.
  3. Cover Girl concealer, for use after those sleepless nights.
  4. my mom & dad, my best friend and my rock, respectively.
  5. the family and friends that get us. Who actively chose to spend time with us, ask about Jackson and who we get to share our lives with.
  6. Disney and DreamWorks. Jackson’s love for movies is as strong as his dad’s and Aunt Connie’s.
  7. Beringer Wine, in particular White Zinfandel.
  8. Streaming Services: Netflix (The Crown), HBO (Westworld and soon to be Little Big Lies), and Hulu (Timeless).
  9. the communication between us and Jackson’s education team. They are wonderful and continually working to move Jackson forward.
  10. my Kindle, any & all books that let me escape and dream.
  11. my boss, who is understanding and considerate of Jackson’s needs and allows me to focus on him first when needed.
  12. Sharpie pens. There’s no other writing instrument that is as perfect as a Sharpie.
  13. Amazon. I need it, I buy it. Easy & Simple.
  14. my job. That I have one, one that I enjoy and hope to make a career of.
  15. our home. I love being home above any place else. Comfy, cozy and has everything I need, see 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 & 13 above.img_1949

My heart melted completely.

This morning wasn’t our typical morning, but then again it was. J decided that 3:45am was a good enough time to wake mom. He must have been up for sometime already as his bedroom light was on, books were strewn around his room and several toys were in his bed He sat in the middle of it all flipping through a book pretending to cry in order to gain my attention, which he did. After a few moments clearing off his bed, I got him tucked back in, kissed, told him to go back to sleep and turned the light off by ceiling fan chain (jokes on him next time). He wasn’t too happy about this turn of events and proceeded to pound on his door and wall till Lance went in twice, once to calm him down and the second to tell him to knock it off & go to sleep.

HE DID!!! Lance and I were able to sleep for another half hour. Side note, be happy with what you get in the sleep department.

We got up and followed our morning routines. Then it was time to wake J. Dread! I went in putting things away while telling him it was time to get up. Forgot his new shoes downstairs, he wandered into the hall to see where I had gone to as I ran to get them. He wasn’t as tired and he was letting on, smart little man. I was able to get him to the potty, teeth brushed, clothes and new shoes on with minimal help from the PBS Kids app. The rest of the morning went fine, he told me what he wanted to drink and eat by using his iPad and continued to watch his PBS shows. Then came the time to clean up and get ready for the bus as not to be late.

He hates washing his hands right now, I don’t know what it is. He fled the scene when I mentioned washing. I compromised by using a wet paper towel to wipe him off. This is where my heart started to melt. Finished with wiping off, he wanted picked up which anymore is a feat but the pushover that I am I did. He wrapped his arms around me and squeezed (we have been working on hugs) without me prompting him to. Then he proceeded to rub my back while continuing to hug me. I just stood there hugging him back, so tightly. Best Morning EVER!

We were late for the bus.