The Waiting Game Will be Worth It

We have officially completed our foster training classes. It’s quite an anxious and exciting feeling. Especially now as we wait (not so patiently) for the state to certify us.

There really is so much to learn and understand when it comes to fostering children. Their world is completely upside down and what would be considered normal parenting will be different with any future children we may adopt. It will be a whole new challenge.

But we already don’t parent in a typical parenting style, so I hope taking on this new, different and exciting challenge won’t be such a stretch for us. A lot of what and how we parent with J can be used and modified for our future foster children but not everything. Not all children, as we very well know, are the same, need the same or want the same things.

Since we are preferring to foster child that are looking for permanency aka adoption, it may take a little longer since we won’t be a typical ‘call in the middle of the night’ foster home. We want to make sure that any child that comes into our home is comfortable with us and can feel part of our family as well as us being a good match for them. It’s all about what is best for all included, especially all the children involved in the process.

It’s hard to say that I’m looking forward to fostering and then adopting because in reality that means another family didn’t or couldn’t make it work for whatever reason, reunification wasn’t an option for them. But I am looking forward to it, very much. I’m looking forward to providing a good home to a child that needs it, deserves it. I’m looking forward to having a relationship with another child and hopefully their biological parents/family if they so choose. Hoping they will become an extended family to us and us for them. I’m looking forward to having more children (get it, not just 1) in our home, in our family, for our parents. I have a mom & dad looking forward to more grandchildren. I’m especially looking forward to J having a sibling, hoping for them to build a bond, have them learn from each other; compassion, sharing, development, trust, patience and love.

I want to thank our agency for the wonderful instructors we had, and their knowledge and expertise being foster and adoptive parents themselves. I’m happy that we will get to continue to see them throughout the years as we attend continuing education classes and support groups. I’m thankful for the classmates we had, getting to know them, sharing stories and laughing. Looking forward to these friendships expanding as we all pursue this new journey through the coming years.

And now we just wait…

No Morning Sickness…Just Paper Cuts – Foster Mom in the Making