Hello, my name is Hali. I’m an autism mom of a 5 year old, Jackson. Together, my husband and I are journeying through both a blessed and cursed experience but one that has led to a very unique and fulfilling life…so far.

A quick take on Autism (aka ASD – Autism Spectrum Disorder), it is classified as a bio-neurological development disorder that impairs an individual’s communication skills, social interaction and cognitive functions, while involving a range of restricted repetitive behaviors, interest, and activities. ASD greatly varies from person to person, no two people with autism are alike. Children with ASD do progress with early interventions, great improvements to their skills and development can be accomplished.

Our Jackson loves reading his books and enjoys being outside so he can explore. He can’t get enough of PBS’s Dinosaur Train (thank gosh for Netflix) and eating pop tarts. He was diagnosed with a developmental delay with autistic tendencies prior to turning 3 with a full autistic diagnosis by age 4. Over the past year, we have seen Jackson’s motor, speech and peer interaction skills improve greatly. He continues to use sounds, gestures, sign language and an augmented communication device to develop his communication skills. Thus he continues to grow and evolve, thanks to our wonderful family, friends, therapists, school educators, and daycare staff.  We all understand working with him is ever ongoing, at times challenging but very rewarding when he succeeds.

We are constantly trying to understand his world of different sounds, sensations, and perspectives that are completely different from our own. He enjoys the simple things in life and we just need to enter his world to truly understand him.

Our Jackson is truly our inspiration and our joy.

I hope to share our ups & downs, our trials and tribulations but most importantly our joys as we continue this rollercoaster ride, called Autism.  I hope you enjoy reading about our journey.


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